Four-party application for the Westring: The FPÖ and ÖVP also do not agree

Four-party application for the Westring: The FPÖ and ÖVP also do not agree
After the construction of the western ring bridge – if the opponents have their way – it should be over.
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left on Friday Greens, KPÖ, Linz+ and change sit up and take notice that they still want to make the referendum on the Westring possible with a joint municipal council proposal. You are strengthening the Westring opponents after their failed collection of signatures.

As reported, it was immediately heard from the SPÖ that they would not agree to the application that the municipal council parties should not take over the referendum as an instrument of citizen participation. The fact is that the initiative did not meet the requirements for initiating this referendum because the necessary signatures were not obtained.

The FPÖ also rejected the application at the weekend. “Direct democracy is very important to me and the FPÖ. But it has to be used at the right time to make sense. In the current case, there have been contracts for co-financing the western ring that have been decided by the municipal council for years, which the city cannot unilaterally terminate. It is morally and legally questionable to ask the citizens whether we should adhere to the applicable contracts,” says City Security Councilor Michael Raml (FP).

With the construction of the west ring, individual traffic in Linz will be significantly relieved, the FPÖ is clearly in favor of building the west ring tunnel: “Linz needs the entire west ring.”

The ÖVP also gave a “no” to OÖN’s request. “We do not agree to the application. It goes against all common sense to want to dismantle a construction site that has progressed so far,” says Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart (VP), traffic officer.

This makes it clear even before the vote that there will be no majority for the motion. SPÖ, ÖVP and FPÖ together make up 42 of the 61 Linz mandataries.

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