Allhaming: Hagen Mosser is running for the FPÖ in the mayoral election

Allhaming: Hagen Mosser is running for the FPÖ in the mayoral election
District party chairman and Ansfelden mayor Christian Partoll and Allhamingen mayoral candidate Hagen Mosser (right)
Image: FPÖ Linz-Land

The 2021 election was a complete success for Jutta Enzinger. With 83.09 percent of the votes, she prevailed against her challenger at the time, Hagen Mosser (FP) – at the end of March, however, the VP politician drew a line under her political career. Enzinger justified her exit with “personal and private reasons”. Since then, her party colleague, Deputy Mayor Franz Schachner-Nedherer, has been in charge of official business.

The ÖVP already decided in March who they would send to the mayoral race. Management consultant Karl Kastner was unanimously nominated at the party congress. “Allhaming should continue to be a place worth living in in the future, where everyone can feel comfortable,” Kastner said in a first reaction.

More citizen participation as a goal

Now the choice has also been made for the FPÖ. As expected, Hagen Mosser will stand again for the Freedom Party in the election on July 9th. “We’ve had a lot of conversations with local residents over the last few weeks. It’s time for local politics to calm down after the surprising resignation of our mayor. The citizens want stability and a choice between several candidates,” Mosser explains his decision.

Mosser wants to greatly expand citizen participation: “If not the population, who knows what’s good for Allhaming.” The FP politician receives support from district party chairman Christian Partoll. The Mayor of Ansfeld emphasizes that it is very important to him that the people of Allhamingen have the choice between several candidates. “Of course, it would be nice if Allhaming would join us on the liberal road to success and, alongside Pucking and Ansfelden, opted for a liberal mayor as the third community.”

ÖVP holds an absolute majority in the municipal council

In Allhaming, the ÖVP holds the absolute majority in the municipal council with nine seats, while the FPÖ and SPÖ each have two municipal council seats. A mayoral election in the municipal council is not possible due to the timing of Enzinger’s resignation. Such an election is only permissible if a mayor resigns from office within the last two years before the official end of the legislative period. So in Allhaming on July 9th, the citizens have their say again.

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