9 keys to the new edition of the program

9 keys to the new edition of the program

He Congress of Mayors reported that this Monday, May 15, from 00:01 hours, Registration of applicants for the program began “Job Opportunity” (better known as “Solidarity Wages”). Applications will be through the online form and They can be held until 11:59 p.m. on the night of May 19. You can apply by clicking here.

The registration form, which has an accepted consent clause, will be used to collect the necessary data, so that the departmental governments correctly receive the applications, and thus can carry out the draw for the different job opportunities.

Quotas and requirements

Jornales Solidarios will make available 9,000 seats for unemployed people from the different departments of the country.

Among the requirements to access the quotas must be: be a person between the ages of 18 and 65with Uruguayan identity cardand receive no salary benefitneither public nor private no unemployment benefitseither diseasenot even one retirement, pension, or other compensation of a personal nature.

People who receive benefits from Ministry of Social Development (you measure), as the Uruguayan social card (YOUR), yes they can participate. Those who registered in the original phase of the program, whether or not they were a beneficiary, can participate in the phase, and must register again.

Amounts to receive

He nominal monthly maximum amount to receive is equivalent to 13,000 pesos for 12 days workedas long as the person has complied with all the obligations assumed when entering the program.

The benefit received by the selected people will not have a salary or remuneration natureand it will be personal and non-transferable, and those who participate in the program will not be part of the departmental government’s personnel lists, nor will they be included in its remuneration and benefits regimes.

Program Extension

This new phase of the program will be extended during these 8 months, divided into two stages of 4 months in which in each of them the vacant positions will be raffled. The first batch of beneficiaries will start working from June 1st.

At the end of the first stage, those quotas that have not been used in certain municipalities will be redistributed in those departments with higher levels of unemployment.

Selection of applicants

The beneficiary selection mechanism will be through a lottery. to be carried out by each departmental government with a date to be defined. The selected people will be contacted by the corresponding departmental administration.


The period in which the beneficiaries participate in the Jornales Solidarios will be computed by the Social Welfare Bank (bps) as activity for retirement and pension purposes, under the affiliation “Industry and Commerce”. This will only enable the perception of subsidies for work accidents, for common illness, or for maternity.

They will also enjoy the right to free medical assistance through the services of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE) in all the country.

National registry of applicants

The creation of a national registry of applicants will take place with the data entered in the form (age, gender, place of residence, and the educational level reached), in order to guide future training and job retraining actions.

Compatibility with other activities

From the third month of participation in the program, the beneficiaries of the same may exceptionally carry out a complementary work activityin the private sector, for a maximum of 8 monthly wages.

cessation of participation

Participation in the program will end either due to expiration of the term, due to non-compliance with the assigned tasks, or by the will of the beneficiary, without stating any reason.

Stages of the process

May 15 to 19

— Application to the program through the web form.

To confirm

— Draw of the applicants by each departmental government, which will define the exact date of the draw and the communication of the results.

Period June – September

— Carrying out the transitory works of those selected in each department.

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