The specialist for the gang magic in basketball

The specialist for the gang magic in basketball
The trained industrial electrician Christian Bruckner has been a volunteer at the Gmundner Schwänen for 20 years. Photo: gary

GMUNDEN. After the narrow 80:81 defeat of the OCS Swans at the Flyers Wels last Sunday, the basketball semi-final series is entering a fifth game: On Thursday, the people of Gmunden will welcome the people of Messestadt for a decisive exchange of blows (7 p.m., Raiffeisen Sportpark). The hall is expected to be packed to the brim with fans. Nothing better could happen for the many companies advertising with banners or on the electronics bar at the edge of the field: nothing but potential customers. Christian Bruckner, 56, from Gmunden, is responsible for ensuring that the electronic advertising board works smoothly.

Salzkammergut news: Mr. Bruckner, what exactly is your job?

Christian Bruckner: I am a volunteer and among other things responsible for setting up and dismantling the LED boards, making sure the electronics work and that everything runs during the game.

What’s the challenge there? Because sometimes you look a little desperate…

Well, here and there there is a loose contact or a broken plug, which you come across during assembly and initial testing. Sometimes something goes wrong during the game because maybe someone in the audience is tugging at a cable somewhere. Then it’s time to look for errors, open the gang’s box and pull the cables around. After that it should work again.

And if there are major problems with the technology?

Larger repairs are carried out during the course of setting up the boards and grandstands on the day before the game, and during the summer break we volunteers always check all the technical equipment. By the way: We could use more helping hands throughout the season.

Are you also professionally involved with electronics?

Among other things, yes. I am a trained works electrician, I also know a bit about electronics in general and I find it relatively easy to find and correct such small errors.

How long have you been doing this here in the hall?

All in all, I’ve been there for around 20 years, I’ve been looking after the LED boards since we got them. So around ten to twelve years.

Anyone who knows you and watches you during a game white: You are a big fan of the Swans and very emotional.

Yes, of course I’m a big fan. Fanatic? Well, sometimes I’m maybe a bit too emotional, but there are situations where I think the referees often blow their whistle purely prophylactically, before anything even happens. But sometimes it also happens that the referees don’t whistle the same way on both sides. But this is my peronal opinion.

Have you ever played basketball yourself?

No, I do not. Just my two kids. They’re grown up now too.

How old are they?

The son is 32, the daughter 28. But they don’t play anymore either. You started very young: the son at eight years old, the daughter at ten. They still played in the lower grades of the Gymnasium and gave up at the age of 16 or 17 for professional reasons. You are no longer active.

What’s your tip? Will the swans bring the championship title to Gmunden again this year after two years?

Of course it would be nice. I’m always in a positive mood.

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