What will the desalination plant that the government will buy due to the water crisis be like?

What will the desalination plant that the government will buy due to the water crisis be like?

The government announced on Tuesday night a series of measures to combat the water crisis among which are the purchase of a desalination plant with a capacity of 150,000 liters and mobile and portable technology, which could be running next week.

The water crisis led the government to have hasty meetings and take desperate measures in order that the Uruguayan population of the metropolitan area does not run out of water. The latest, announced yesterday by the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, It is the purchase of the desalination plant that would help to alleviate the scarcity of water. Through this machinery, the quality of the current drinking water would be improved – which is affected by the lack of reserves and was solved with the increase in salinity – removing excess chloride and sodium

The plant has a capacity of 150,000 literswhich would supply 150,000 people, and it could be useful to provide water to hospitals and sanatoriums, with trucks that transport the fluid to different parts of the country that need it. The idea of ​​acquiring this machinery came from the Technological University (UTEC) which, together with OSE, is negotiating to bring to the Uruguay. The job of the university will be to provide the training and advice of the machinery.

The initial idea is to test a single plant to see how it works and if they are really useful for the situation that Uruguay is experiencing. For that, the possibility of renting them is even being evaluated and, if they work, acquiring more than one plant.

There is water left for 18 days in Montevideo and Canelones

This Sunday, the president of SBI, Raul Monteroassured in a press conference that the metropolitan area of cannelloni and Montevideo would remain, to continue the current water landscapeabout 18 daysdrinking water supply. In addition, he stated that the volume of water in the dam of Severine Pass is found in “a record low“.

The outlook we have is pretty tough.”, said the hierarch in reference to the scarce 6.5 million cubic meters with which you currently have in Severino Pass. “We are trying to get you less than 300,000 (cubic meters)”, he explained to the media.

In turn, Montero commented that the consumption of the population of the metropolitan area is usually 650,000 cubic meters, but now dropped to 550,000 cubic metersas a result of the measures to raise the levels of chlorides in the water by the state company.

“We are entering a somewhat complicated stage of ending this month of May and getting into June in a certain way,” lamented Montero, and remarked that, from OSE, they feel a “major concern” because, as the water level drops, certain problems could appear in relation to “to be able to manage well the water that comes out of the valves“.

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