City of Linz puts together anti-inflation package of 2.4 million euros

City of Linz puts together anti-inflation package of 2.4 million euros
Details of the package were presented at today’s City Senate meeting.
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The aid package totaling 2.4 million euros is intended to pay particular attention to those people and organizations who are existentially burdened by increased energy and living costs. “So far, the federal government has taken too few measures to help families and clubs with their financial challengesen sustainably”, say Mayor Klaus Luger and Finance Officer Deputy Mayor Tina Blöchl (both SP).

A school start package worth 560,000 euros in September is intended to ease the additional burden on families with school children. Pre-school and school children in Linz up to the 5th grade receive support in the form of a 100 euro shopping voucher for the City of Linz. The upper limit for household income is EUR 55,000 to EUR 60,000 per year, depending on the number of children.

1.6 million euros for clubs

Clubs can access a total of up to one million euros from the municipal investment package to cover increased energy costs. Half of the money comes from the city and half from the federal government. Because not all of the increased expenditure can be subsidized with these federal funds, the city is planning another, separate subsidy package of 600,000 euros to cushion inflation in the areas of personnel, rents and operating costs. Non-profit, charitable and church associations that already work actively with the City of Linz and are supported are supported. A total of 314 clubs can apply for additional funding of up to 10 percent of the current funding volume. However, the clubs must prove the actual additional burdens.

Hardship measures in the amount of 200,000 euros

For the three social markets in Linz, the existing basic subsidy will be increased once by EUR 50,000 per market. In addition, the existing municipal “hardship fund for social emergencies” will be doubled once by EUR 50,000.

ÖVP: “too late and too complicated”

The Linz People’s Party thinks the package is “fundamentally good”, but it comes too late and is too complicated. She criticized eTwa the high bureaucratic effort that clubs have to deal with in order to get the financial support. “But it’s still good and important that the city finally takes action and supports people in cushioning inflation,” say Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart and City Councilor Doris Lang-Mayerhofer.

Energy advice for clubs

The Greens think it is important that the package starts with support for families starting school, as well as for clubs and the Linz social markets. “Inflation still has us firmly in its grip. It is therefore all the more important to ensure at all levels that those people who urgently need financial support are not left alone. The packages from the city and the federal government make an important contribution to this,” say city councilor Eva Schobesberger and social spokeswoman Julia Mandlmayr. In addition to the package that is now available, the Linz environment department is also promoting energy advice for clubs. The consulting costs are subsidized with up to 80 percent or a maximum of 800 euros.

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