Conaprole set the price parameters for June and July

Conaprole set the price parameters for June and July

The decision had also been made in April and May and will end on July 31 along with the company’s annual financial year.

In order to provide stability within a complex trade union scene in the dairy industry, the board of directors of the National Cooperative of Milk Producers (Conaprole) decided to extend the parameters of milk in June and Julysomething that had been adopted in April and May.

Conaprole sending dairies consider that the setting of price parameters for June and July they represent some certainties within a scenario in the industry crossed by trade union measures. The decision was made in view of the closing of the annual financial year that ends on July 31.

In this sense, from the company they specified that, although prices depend on the producerand which is based on the monthly closing in terms of solids, in relation to fat and protein, the percentage of quality, which has a maximum of 20%, and the contribution in dairy capital, the price parameters will not have modifications.

A certainty in the face of so much uncertainty

The union conflict began after Conaprole invested in the Rodríguez plant and incorporated new packaging machines, with the capacity to 15,000 liters per hour. This led to The company will propose a rescheduling of shifts and the forms of work, something that the union opposed, as they considered that the changes were made without prior negotiation.

Conaprole, for its part, published a statement at the beginning of May in which it assures that it is open to negotiations and a “productive, mature and constructive dialogue that defends the entire dairy chain”. On the other hand, he described the conflict as “unfair and inexplicable” since, supposedly the company, this new machinery will not cause job losses and will not affect the salary or working conditions of the workers.

In this sense, they added that “the workers of the UHT sector work in regime of 9 hours from Monday to Friday, with incomes well above the national average” and took advantage of the fact that “despite this, they have very high levels of absenteeism.”

Fresh milk was in short supply in Uruguay last week due to the forceful measures carried out by the Association of Workers and Employees of Conaprole (AOEC) caused by a conflict with the company after the incorporation of a new packaging machinery in the plant of Villa Rodriguez.

The last measure had to do with the blockade of 130,000 liters of milk by the workers, although from AOEC they expressed that it was by “decision of the chamber diprolacfrom the employers of the distributors, who understood that they were not going to load as long as there was not enough stock”, according to what the leader had told the prisoner Luis Goichea.

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