How to do the redomiciliation process of companies incorporated abroad?

How to do the redomiciliation process of companies incorporated abroad?

All the requirements for the process and the necessary documentation to present the application before the Internal Audit of the Nation.


The Internal Audit of the Nation (AIN) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) published the new instructive of the special regime for redomiciliation of companies incorporated abroad who decide to settle in Uruguay adopting the social type Anonymous society.

The procedure, provided for in Law 16,060, has a cost of 25 readjustable units (39,650 pesos at today’s value) and can be done both online and in person. The request will be submitted to the consideration of the Internal Audit of the Nation for its approval.

All the requirements to redomiciliate the AIN

According to the AIN regulations, the requirements include: social background; but also, the Minutes of Meeting, Board or Assembly of competent partners where the redomiciliation is expressly resolved, in the first place, and, in turn, the approval of the adopted Statute.

Other requirements are Notary Certificate validated by a notary public; the accounting documentation of the firm, carried out by a professional authorized in Uruguay; a application letter signed by a duly authorized person and addressed to the Internal Auditor of the Nation, where the reasons are expressed and the attached documentation is detailed. All foreign documentation must be legalized or apostilled and presented translated.

The step by step of the process

If the interested party prefers to do so via InternetThe steps are the following:

  • Enter the official website of the AIN and the “Procedures and Agenda” section. Then, select “Procedures”.
  • Enter “Limited Companies” and then select the hyperlink to the redomiciliation process.
  • Click on “Start online process”.
  • Complete the web form.
  • Carry out the assessment.
  • Click on finish.
  • Once the request is processed, the notification will arrive at the email indicated in the process.

Meanwhile, to carry out the procedure in personthe interested party should only appear at the AIN offices in Montevideo (Paysandú 941, 2nd floor)of Monday to Friday between 10 and 16 hoursand with all the requested documentation.

What documentation is needed?

In the case of carrying out the procedure by Internetmust be:

  • have a electronic identification means or identity provider with Advanced Security Level such as: Digital Identity Card (it is necessary to have a card reader); Mobile Identity – Abitab either YourID – Antel.
  • Have the means to attach documentation (PDF format) and an email that you can access.
  • Have an advanced electronic signature (Electronic card and reader, Abitab ID, Uruguayan Post Office).
  • The procedure will be valid until 72 hours after it has started.

While if the procedure is carried out personally:

  • Must be scheduled in advance Web Calendar and for this you must have User Innova Portal.
  • Has to present a note (635 KB) addressed to Mr. Internal Auditor of the Nation.

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