Mona Lisa tunnel lock: the train is running

Mona Lisa tunnel lock: the train is running
From June 19 to September 4, the Mona Lisa Tunnel will be closed for renovation work.
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

With the total closure of the Mona Lisa tunnel From June 19th to September 4th, the signs in the south of Linz, which is already plagued by traffic jams, are set to intensify. As reported, the construction site will not be the only one. The ÖBB is also planning one from August 28th to September 11th – on the route between St. Valentin and Linz Kleinmünchen. In January it was said that in the construction phase there would be long-distance traffic but in principle no local traffic between St. Valentin and Linz. A message that caused no joy not only among commuters, but also with Vice Mayor Martin Hajart (VP), Traffic Officer.

A few rounds of talks later, there is now what Eva Hackl, Regional Manager of ÖBB Personenverkehr calls it, “a solution in the interests of commuters”. In practice, this means that local trains can run during the construction work. “The train is a very important alternative to the car, so I’m very happy that after negotiations with the ÖBB we have managed to make train journeys between Pichling and the main station possible for the entire duration of the tunnel closure. I hope that as many people as possible switch to public transport, this will cushion the impact of the lockdown for everyone involved,” says Hajart.

A special timetable will come into force for the period of the construction sites, details of which will be provided shortly before the start of construction.

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