the pandemic cost more than 300 million years of life

the pandemic cost more than 300 million years of life

Only in 2020 and 2021, the coronavirus caused the loss of 336.8 million years of life worldwideaccording to this Geneva-based United Nations agency.

“It’s like losing 22 years of life for each death more”Samira Asma, WHO’s deputy head of data and analysis, told reporters.



The calculation is based on data available in 2022.

Since then, the death toll from Covid-19 has continued to climb, albeit at a slower rate. The WHO -for its part- decided therefore recently raised its maximum health alert levelalthough he warned that the disease did not disappear after more than three years of pandemic.

Death by Covid-19

The official balance of deaths attributed to the disease is currently 6.9 million people.

But many countries did not provide reliable data to the Organization, which estimates that the spread of the disease actually caused almost three times as many victims in these three years, that is, at least 20 million deaths.


For this, it relies on the calculation of excess mortalitydefined as the difference between the actual number of deaths and the estimated number of deaths in normal times.

The 20 million victims mentioned by the WHO include the direct deaths from coronavirus and also deaths due to the impact of the pandemic in healthcare systems.

Source: Ambito

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