Nicaragua cancels the legal status of another 26 NGOs, including an orphanage

Nicaragua cancels the legal status of another 26 NGOs, including an orphanage

The Government of Nicaragua withdrew the legal status of some twenty NGOs for failing to comply with their obligations, including an orphanage, by “not reporting their financial statements.”

Twelve of these institutions were closed for “not reporting their financial statements” and thus “failing to comply with their obligations, in accordance with the laws that regulate them,” as reported by the Official Gazette of Nicaragua in its edition yesterday.

In this group is the Asociación Misión Cristiana Verbo, one of the most important Christian organizations in the country, which, in addition to having several evangelical churches, administered Casa Bernabé in Puerto Cabezas, which houses more than 80 orphaned boys and girls. and risky.

The cancellation of legal status is due to the fact that this association “violated the” regulatory laws “by operating Casa Bernabé outside of what was resolved by the Ministry of the Family (…) and not meeting the conditions for the care and protection of children and girls and adolescents”, indicated the official statement quoted by the Europa Press news agency.

The Ministry of Government indicated that the Misión Cristiana Verbo Association does not meet the conditions for the care and protection of children and adolescents and requested the Attorney General’s Office to transfer the movable and immovable property of said association to the name of the State of Nicaragua.

Another 10 NGOs requested their voluntary dissolution for different reasons, including lack of income, being without activity for too long or because they did not have the objectives that this type of organization should pursue.

In addition, three foreign organizations closed.

One from the United States, because “the regulatory entity” not only “does not know who its managers are” but also “they did not report their Financial Statements,” reported the AFP news agency.

The other two, from the United States and Panama, agreed to their dissolution “for having concluded the projects for which they were registered.”

All these closures occur after the application of a questioned law that limits the activity of NGOs in Nicaragua and that has already served as an instrument for the closure of more than 3,000 organizations in the country.

These types of measures increased as a result of the protests against President Daniel Ortega in 2018 and the electoral process of 2020, when dozens of dissidents were imprisoned.

In March, a group of United Nations experts accused Ortega and his wife and vice president, Rosario Murillo, of perpetrating abuses amounting to crimes against humanity.

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