environmentalists attacked the Trevi Fountain

environmentalists attacked the Trevi Fountain

Young environmentalists dyed the water of the Trevi Fountain black in protest against climate change. The images went viral on social media.

environmentalists they dyed black the water of the famous Fontana di Trevi of Rome, Italyto alert about the recent floods who killed 14 people in the northeast of the country and assured that these phenomena are “a warning” of climate change.

Activists of the environmental organization last generation they got into the famous fountain and poured into the water a charcoal based liquidbefore they were evicted by the police.

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One of the participants, Mattia, 19, said he took part in the protest “because the horrible tragedy experienced these days in Emilia-Romagna is a warning of the dark future that awaits humanity.”

Ecological activism in Italy

The act of protest coincided with a displacement of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Melonito the Emilia-Romagna region, where he visited the affected areas because of the floods, caused by 36 hours of rain equivalent to six months of rainfallaccording to estimates by the authorities.

For its part, the Last Generation organization gained notoriety due to the peaceful and striking protests he held last year in Italy before the general elections, urging politicians on all sides to make the fight against climate change their priority.

The movement also led protests in other parts of Europe to draw attention to global warming by throwing paint at monuments and works of art.

Climate change

According to official reports, at least 14 are dead and more than 36,000 are displacedwhile the damage caused by the disaster would be around hundreds of millions of euros.

Source: Ambito

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