Construction site summer in Linz: where work is done away from the commuter routes

Construction site summer in Linz: where work is done away from the commuter routes
Work is done on many smaller and larger construction sites in the summer.

Summer is approaching, and this year there will be another “construction site summer” in Linz’s road network. In addition to the total closure of the Mona Lisa Tunnel, which will primarily affect car commuters, there are a large number of larger and smaller construction sites in the Linz city area. “This year there’s a lot going on in Linz in terms of construction sites. Mainly because of the general renovation of the Mona Lisa tunnel, which unfortunately was looked on for far too long,” says Deputy Mayor Martin Hajart (VP), Traffic Officer. These and other construction sites cannot be postponed. “The example of the old railway bridge showed what can happen if urgently needed renovation measures are pushed further and further,” says Hajart. The people of Linz still have to adjust to the following construction sites.

Mozart street: Due to a renovation, the road will be closed, the period is not yet known.

factory road: The roadway is being renovated and is therefore closed in the summer. The period for the work on Fabrikstrasse is still unknown.

Ipfstrasse: Due to milling work and asphalting, there will be local diversions in Sankt Florian during the summer holidays.

Lederergasse: A cycle path will be built in August and September. Since bus bays and parking lots are out of order, isolated traffic stops may occur.

Bäckermühlweg: The widening of the footpath and cycle path leads to a selective narrowing of the lanes for around eight weeks in the autumn.

At the Gründberghof: The roadway is being renovated and will therefore be closed in autumn. Exactly when is not yet known.

In Haidgatern: In the summer, the road will probably be closed for two weeks because it is being renovated.

Dallingerstrasse: Due to a renovation, the road will be closed in summer.

Peasant mountain: In July/August, the road on the Bauernberg will be renovated and is therefore closed.

Raffelstettner Street: The roadway will probably be closed in autumn due to renovation work.

Freistadt/Prague federal road: A GSA construction project leads to partial lane closures from September to December due to a construction site entrance and exit.

Hagenstrasse: Due to asphalting work, there will be a half-way closure in the construction site area in Hagenstrasse during the summer holidays.

Wiener Straße: Isolated stops cause road construction measures in the course of new waiting area roofs at the Pichlinger Straße bus stop.

There are also larger construction sites on Wiener Strasse, Dinghoferstrasse and on Untere Donaulände.

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