Self-defense was on the curriculum

Self-defense was on the curriculum
Full commitment in the extinguishing competition.
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This year, too, we are looking for that elementary school class that is ahead of the game when it comes to self-protection and self-provision in Upper Austria. The children of the third and fourth grade of elementary school learn in a playful way how to avoid dangers or how to deal with dangers consciously. District competitions are used to fight for entry into the state finals, which will take place in Leonding on June 6th.

The district competition for Rohrbach took place in St. Peter am Wimberg, eight classes fought for victory. Ultimately, the community of 3rd and 4th graders at the Ortisei elementary school won and can therefore take part in the state finals, where a total of eleven district winners are aiming for the state victory. Places two and three were achieved by elementary school students from 4b and 4a from the host community of St. Peter am Wimberg. Mayor Engelbert Pichler, civil protection district manager Valentin Pühringer and district police commander Major Martin Petermüller were happy with the children.

The children had to answer safety questions, demonstrate their skills in the extinguishing competition and complete a safety course by bike. In addition, the elementary school students were able to find out from the emergency services about the tasks and equipment of the fire brigade, the police and the Red Cross – they presented vehicles and equipment and talked about their everyday work.


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