Commitment was rewarded with solidarity prizes

Commitment was rewarded with solidarity prizes
The solidarity award winners with Bishop Manfred Scheuer, Governor Thomas Stelzer and Social Provincial Councilor Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer
Image: F. Litzlbauer

On Monday evening, the 29th Solidarity Prize of the Diocese of Linz was awarded in the state capital. Among the winners of this award are five personalities or groups from the districts of Vöcklabruck and Gmunden.

In the category “youth” The prize went to the Offenes Pfarrheim Frankenburg, where young people have been organizing a varied program for children aged six to twelve for a week in August for many years, as well as to schoolgirls at the Don Bosco schools in Vöcklabruck for their commitment to looking after those who had fled before the war For more than a year, the girls in the 3rd to 5th grades of the BAfEP (educational institution for elementary education) have been supporting around 70 Ukrainian children and young people who had to flee from Donetsk to St. Georgen im Attergau have formed a project group and are planning afternoons with varied programs.

In the category “individuals” There were three prizewinners. Herta Grüneis is considered a fixture in Gmunden social and health work. Among other things, she founded a self-help group for people suffering from cancer and an asylum platform. Roman Haunschmid from Vöcklamarkt is committed to self-determined leisure activities with his association MoBet people with disabilities and offers them mobile leisure time care that makes life happier, more varied and more lively.

Johann Rauscher from Desselbrunn is the founder of the ProSudan association, has been committed to the crisis-ridden African country since 1986 and provides help for self-help in a variety of ways. Among other things, ProSudan has built school classes, financed vehicles and set up a farm on which families cultivate their own land.

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