They arrest the Platense goalkeeper for gender violence

They arrest the Platense goalkeeper for gender violence

Ignacio Arceone of the goalkeepers of Club Atlético Platense, He was arrested in the Tigre district of Buenos Aires as accused of hitting his partner after an argumentand this Wednesday will be investigated by the prosecutor of the case, reported police and judicial sources.

The apprehension of the “Calamar” soccer player took place this morning at his home, located in the private Venice neighborhood of the aforementioned district in the north of the suburbs.

Judicial sources assured Télam that Maple (31) was accused of hitting his girlfriend and throwing her to the ground after she took his cell phone from him in the course of an argument.

In this context, the spokespersons assured the woman suffered several bruises on her legs and a bruise on her lower lip. According to sources, what happened was noticed by the footballer’s neighbors who called 911.

After the intervention of police personnel, Arce was made available to the prosecutor Pablo Menteguiagaof the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Specialized in Gender, who will investigate him tomorrow for the crime of “minor injuries aggravated by the relationship and by mediating gender violence”, which provides for a sentence of between 6 months and 2 years in prison.

For his part, Arce, a former soccer player from San Martín de Tucumán, Unión de Santa Fe and Instituto de Córdoba, arrived at Vicente López’s club at the end of last year, coming from Unión La Calera in Chile, where he was directed by his current coach Martín Palermo.

This year, he began as the team’s starting goalkeeper until he lost his position on the fifth date of the current Professional League tournament, when Platense lost at home 4-2 against Talleres de Córdoba.

(Line 144: attention, containment and advice in situations of gender violence. By WhatsApp: +5491127716463).

Source: Ambito

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