Due to the water crisis, OSE asks to reduce consumption in Minas

Due to the water crisis, OSE asks to reduce consumption in Minas

The reservoir recorded a slight rise of 15 centimeters. The authorities call to avoid non-essential uses.

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From the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) called to restrict water consumption in the city of mines to combat the water deficit that affects Uruguay, after the ascent of 15 centimeters in the Basin of the San Francisco Stream Reservoir, reported in the last few hours.

The arrival of the rains last Friday and Saturday was not enough and, in the context of the severe drought, OSE authorities issued a statement asking people to contribute to maintaining the service.

From the organization they specified that the precipitations registered during the weekend were in the order of between 10 and 11 millimeters, but the situation became complicated again in the last hours. For this reason, they reiterated the request for “avoid consuming drinking water for non-essential uses”.

In addition, they called to adopt any type of measure that aims to reduce consumption, arguing that it would be a collaboration in the objective of maintaining the service, in a context of water deficit.

Explanations about cloudy water

The entity that presides Raul Montero highlighted that the demand for drinking water in mines “continues stable” and specified that it continues to be served locally from the reservoir itself, from the Backup System in Paso Campanero, and from the Drilling Park in service.”

OSE made the decision to intervene the water intake in the reservoir of the san francisco creek and installed a second submersible pump to the supplier pump that supplies the Maggiolo Plant.

From the organization they indicated that it was due to the operation that the supply was affected during the weekend and explained that this “generated turbidity events.” In any case, they clarified that the situation “it was already regularized with purges in the distribution network”.

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