The end of shared Netflix accounts has arrived

The end of shared Netflix accounts has arrived

Netflix announced yesterday that in Uruguay platform members will receive an email warning about the new payment method if the user shares their account.

“Netflix accounts They are designed to be used in the same home.“, they warned from the company. In this sense, they ensured that all people who live at the same address will be able to access their account “from wherever they are (at home, on vacation or traveling) and make use of new functions such as Transfer a profile or Manage access and devices”.

Since last year, Netflix has been incorporating this system. The company said that, at the beginning of this year, more than 100 million households shared accounts, which affects their “ability to invest in new television shows and movies.”

Goodbye to shared Netflix accounts

Netflix users in Uruguay will receive an email detailing the new payment system to share accounts at no additional cost.

“You probably remember that last year we introduced a feature that allowed you to watch Netflix from another home. Although we stopped offering it, we want to tell you about new features that are now available,” the message details.

Hereinafter, for each “extra member” must be paid $ 3.99that is to say about 150 pesos.

What are the new account control and sharing options?

It is important to review who uses a Netflix account. For that, you can control which devices are logged in using the account. One option to combat potential hacks is to sign out of devices that shouldn’t have access and change your password.

To share an account with someone who lives in another household, there are two functions:

  • Transfer a profile. Anyone using the account can transfer a profile.
  • Add an extra member. You can share the Netflix account with someone who does not live in the same house.

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