Even more ChatGPT for Windows

Even more ChatGPT for Windows
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the opening of the Build 2023 developer conference
Image: Microsoft

New developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have been dominating the headlines in the tech industry for weeks. So it comes as no surprise that the topic was also the focus of Microsoft’s Build developer conference. Once again, the chatbot ChatGPT was chosen as the driving force.

During his speech, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recalled a statement by Apple icon Steve Jobs that computers are “bicycles for our minds”. “Last November we got an upgrade. With ChatGPT we went from bike to steam engine,” Nadella said. An overview of the most important news from the developer conference.

Windows Copilot: As early as February, Microsoft began beefing up its own services with artificial intelligence. First, the chatbot ChatGPT was integrated into the Bing search engine and the Edge browser. In March, the group announced that it would equip the productivity tools Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Teams with Microsoft 365 Copilot. The assistant was still missing in the operating system. But that will change now, Microsoft is now also integrating the Copilot in Windows 11. The personal assistant will be accessible directly from the taskbar. When you click the button, a sidebar opens. Here users can ask questions or add text and ask the AI ​​for a summary. Before the Windows Copilot is rolled out for all users, it should be available in a test version from June.

Aside from AI, Windows 11 equipped with other new features. A new icon in the taskbar shows whether a VPN connection is currently active or not. A new notification in the start menu appears when there is a problem with the user account. And the real-time translation for videos and video conferences has been expanded to include ten languages, including German.

The Microsoft Copilot 365 is extended to the Edge browser. The tool will be available in a browser sidebar. From there, users can process the content of the visited website directly in other applications such as Outlook, Word or Excel. The 365 Copilot also gets plug-in support. The new plugins include extensions for Microsoft Teams, tools with ChatGPT support, and third-party plugins.

Bing uses ChatGPT, ChatGPT uses Bing: Microsoft’s Bing web search has been using the GPT-4 language model from ChatGPT inventor OpenAI for a few weeks. After the Windows group has invested billions in OpenAI, it is only logical that Windows is now going the other way. Therefore, Bing is now becoming the default search engine in the ChatGPT chatbot. Subscribers to the OpenAI Plus subscription can now use the search engine.

Update for Microsoft Store: The Microsoft Store is also getting a touch of AI. In a new “AI Hub”, apps with artificial intelligence are brought to the fore. In addition, AI-generated summaries of user reviews are displayed in the app ratings.

Video: Satya Nadella’s speech at Microsoft Build

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