Public debt management was excellent

Public debt management was excellent

The former Vice President of the Republic, Danilo Astori, highlighted the economic policy carried out by the current government and assured that there are no major differences at the macroeconomic level with the previous administration of the former president tabare vazquez.

Astori, noted that “fully share” the current fiscal policy, noting in particular that “the public debt management criterion was excellent“, as a continuation of a policy that “Uruguay has been managing” in recent years.

Regarding the policy carried out by the government of the broad front (FA) during Vázquez’s second term commented that it was “excellentand indicated that at the macro levelpractically no change“, except foran improvement in the fiscal deficit“by the government of Luis Lacalle Pou.

The accountant recalled that in the FA governments there were also proposals to carry out a social security reform, but they were “weak” in regards to background changes.

In that line, he said that “you have to see the positive“of the current approved reform, butanalyze carefullywhat was approved and propose a modification that involves all the boxes.

In a climate tense due to the water crisis, in recent days the national government questioned previous administrations for having prioritized projects such as the antel arena to the detriment of the construction of the casupá dam.

On this, Astori acknowledged that there were internal discussions within the Executive Branch, but that it was his turndefend the thesis of not building the Antel Arena at that time“.

President Vázquez’s thesis triumphed“, to perform the Antel Arena, “surely with negative effects on other investment possibilities that the country hadone of which is showing consequences at the moment, as is the case with water,” he slipped.

The FA should not have started the internship so early, Astori said

According to Astoria, the FA should not have started the internship so early in the face of the 2024 elections. For the former vice president, this scenario should not occur in the other political parties in the country either.

He also said that “there is still time” and that “the important thing is not that a candidate comrade or comrade has been determined,” but that “the important thing is that the FA return to government.”

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