Adjutant to the President

Adjutant to the President

Image: Armed Forces/Carina Karlovits

Surprising decision to succeed Major General Thomas Starlinger as Adjutant to Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. Brigadier left the hearing with five candidates Andreas Rotheneder (56) emerged as the winner.

The head of the Institute for Higher Military Command at the National Defense Academy (LVAk) prevailed against the Viennese military commander, Brigadier Kurt Wagner, and Colonel Stefan Kirchebner (long commander of the Guard).

Starlinger, who was born in Gmundner, had been Van der Bellen’s adjutant since 2017 and, in the meantime, Minister of Defense in Brigitte Bierlein’s cabinet of experts. He takes over the management of the Austrian military representation in Brussels and thus becomes the second highest-ranking Austrian soldier abroad (after General Robert Brieger as chairman of the EU military committee).

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