In Montevideo and Canelones, 1 out of 2 people stopped consuming OSE water

In Montevideo and Canelones, 1 out of 2 people stopped consuming OSE water

According to a survey by Opción Consultores, 56% of Montevideans and 53% of the Canaries stopped consuming the company’s water.

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The consultancy Opción published a report on the tap water consumption during the month of May and determined that more than half of the Uruguayan metropolitan population stopped consuming water from the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (SBI) after the increase in salinity at the beginning of this month.

At the end of last month, the National Administration of State Sanitation Works increased the proportion of sodium in the water from 200 milligrams per liter to 280 mg/L, while chloride went from 280 mg/L to 450 mg/L. However, on May 6, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) authorized a new increase in the measurements, which went to 400 mg/L and 700 mg/L respectively.

From this, according to the Opción Consultores study, 35% of Uruguayans stopped drinking tap water after the increase in salinity and another 11% drink less water than before the changes. “Almost 1 in 2 Uruguayans reduced their consumption of running water, the majority suspending it completely. There is in so much other 30% who continue to drink tap water habitually and another 19% who had not used OSE water consumption since before the changes were made,” the report explained.

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In the areas of the country where the change in OSE’s water consumption was noted, it was in Montevideo and cannelloni – the metropolitan area with the most conflicts with water and where salinity increased exponentially – where the 56% of Montevideans and the 53% of the Canarian population stopped consuming tap water.

On the other hand, 14% of the inhabitants of the capital and another 11% of the Canary Islands population decided to drink less water, while 10% of the population of Montevideo and 13% of the population of Canelones maintained their normal consumption of tap water. In the rest of the country, for their part, 56% continue to consume running water on a regular basis, against 17% who reduced (partially or totally) their consumption.

Three times more bottled water is sold

According to a company study scanntech, who worked on the number of tickets that include bottled water in Montevideo and Cannelloni, the sale of bottled water tripled year-on-year so far in May.

In this sense, they discovered that the number of tickets that include this product doubled in May, and that consumers assigned a 30% more budget for the purchase of water as a measure to avoid the increase of sodium and chloride in OSE water, on the one hand; but also to reduce the consumption of running drinking water in a context in which the The country’s reserves are at record low levels.

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