Mother and four children rescued from burning apartment in Vienna

Mother and four children rescued from burning apartment in Vienna
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When the fire brigade arrived, a woman and her four children were already outside the windows screaming for help. The emergency services were already preparing for a rescue using a safety cushion. However, a raiding party was able to get to the family in time and take them outside. Among them was a 14-month-old baby.

The fire in the apartment on Hirschstettner Strasse happened around 4 a.m. At the time of the alarm, one room was already fully engulfed in fire. “The flames were already spreading to the rest of the apartment. Only one room was not affected by the fire,” said spokesman Jürgen Figerl when asked by APA. The mother and her children between the ages of 14 months and 18 years fled to safety there. On the spot, the firefighters already saw smoke rising from the window. Because the apartment was not on the street side, the emergency services had to drive in from another side with the turntable ladder vehicle. Meanwhile, the emergency services prepared a safety cushion under the window as a precaution.

A squad of firefighters was finally able to get to the apartment and bring the residents of the apartment outside to safety. There they were handed over to the professional rescue service for emergency care. Rescuers took the family to the hospital with symptoms of mild smoke inhalation. The fire brigade finally extinguished the fire. The professional rescue service was deployed with several vehicles, and the fire brigade had 27 emergency services and six vehicles on site.

A spokeswoman for the Vienna Health Association (WiGev) confirmed to APA on Monday afternoon that the entire family had already been released from the hospital. The cause of the fire in the apartment is an ongoing investigation.

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