What are the offers for National Meat Day?

What are the offers for National Meat Day?

The Union of Meat Sellers (UVC) presented two offers for this special date in bovine buttocks and boneless leg of lamb. Find out what the prices are.

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In it National Meat Dayas a commemoration, the Union of Meat Sellers (UVC) presented offers on two cuts of meat that will last for the remainder of May and the rest of June.

The promotion will be in the traditional or “neighborhood” butcher shops that are members of the UVC – information that can be checked on the official website of the association – and It will be available during the month of May and June.

The cuts to which the offer will affect are the buttock of beef by 289 pesos per kilo and the boneless leg of lamb to 339 pesos per kilo. On the other hand, the UVC resumed its monthly cut of meat offer plan – implemented during the 2020 health emergency due to Covid-19 – where during the month of May the promotion was on premium entrecote or narrow steak at 389 weights per kilo In April, on the other hand, the promotion was in the ovine neck for 149 pesos per kilo and in March the chicken feet at 99 pesos per kilo and the pecetto at 289 pesos per kilo.

Uruguay has one of the most expensive meats in the region

According to a report from Institute of Studies on the Argentine and Latin American Reality (Ieral) of the Mediterranean Foundation, called “How much is bovine meat worth in the region? A comparison of retail prices in Argentina and its neighbors”, the price of bovine meat in April in the Uruguay It was more expensive than Argentina and Brazil, but cheaper than Chile at the level of the final consumer.

The report took as reference the official exchange rates of the dollar and an average basket of twelve cuts of beef surveyed by public agencies and/or chain entities. In turn, in the third week of May a price survey in online supermarket stores, in which gaps of similar magnitude were found again.

Thus, for a basket of eight medium/high quality cuts, the results were (in dollars): $10.84 the kilo in Brazil, $11.44 the kilo on average in Argentina, $13.52 the kilo in Uruguay and $15.14 the kilo in Chile.

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