They discover the best preserved mummy in the world, with intact organs and fresh skin

They discover the best preserved mummy in the world, with intact organs and fresh skin

A mummy over two thousand years old was found in Chinabecoming the best preserved in the world according to specialists.

The specimen, known as Xin Zhui, wife of one of the great leaders of the Han empirewould have died between the years 178 and 145 BC, when he was 50 years old.

The woman, known as the Lady of Daiis shown with an incredible and striking conservation for the archaeologists who found it.

The strangest and most particular thing about the discovery was that in the place, on the banks of the Xiang River in Changsha, the capital of Hunan provincethe Mummy never suffered damage despite having been an area affected by World War II.

They discover the mummy of more than two thousand years old

The first excavation tasks were carried out by the army, he made some perforations on the site and detected that gas with a pungent odor began to come out of one of the holes.

Subsequently, workers set fire and conspicuously a blue flame appeared. In that framework, Hou Liang, an archaeologist from the Hunan Museumfound out about the rarity, went there and came across, after a year’s hard work, a tomb.

Arches and bamboo baskets were the first things he came across, as well as bowls and more than a thousand perfectly preserved artifacts.

But of course, the most important thing would come later; After the aforementioned findings, the archaeologist found Xin Zhui’s mummy.

chinese mummy goes.jpg

According to specialists, the body was 12 meters deepinside four layers of coffins.

Besides, 20 layers of silk, more than 100 garments and so on.

Incredibly, the organs remained intact, although they did show a high degree of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and gallstones.

On the other hand, the skin was elastic, fresh and moisturized, the joints remained flexible and the blood was still in the veins, in addition to an almost intact faceshare the site Los Andes.

It is worth adding that the mummy is preserved in the Provincial Museum of Hunan.

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