Lacalle Pou traveled to the presidents’ retreat in Brazil where Lula seeks to relaunch Unasur

Lacalle Pou traveled to the presidents’ retreat in Brazil where Lula seeks to relaunch Unasur

President Luis Lacalle Pou I travel to Brazil to participate in the presidents’ retreat where Lula da Silva will try to relaunch the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). In the informal meeting, his Brazilian counterpart will seek to convince the leaders to strengthen the regional integration body.

With the revival of the political body, Lula da Silva tries to position his country again as a regional leader beyond the reach of mercosurafter the Unasur remained practically inactive after the departure of the majority of its members from the rise of right-wing governments in South America since 2014.

On March 10, 2020 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay (MRREE) announced his withdrawal from Unasur, after the majority of members also did so. However, with the arrival of Lula da Silva to power in the South American giant, between April 6 and 7 of this year, both Argentina as Brazil announced their return to the South American body as full members.

The relaunch of Unasur could weaken Mercosur

The strong support of the Argentine president Alberto Fernandez to the idea of ​​reviving Unasur as the new alliance of progressivism in South America could further weaken Mercosur as a bloc, and leave Uruguay outside of new political-economic agreements.

At the same time, This situation would support the Uruguayan position that Mercosur isa ballast in its intentions to sign a Free Trade Agreement with China (FTA), to join the Trans-Pacific Agreementas well as being able to achieve an FTA with the European Union through the block.

At the meeting, Lacalle Pou must see face to face with Nicolas MaduroPresident of Venezuelaanother full member of Unasur, after what was the hard confrontation that both staged at the summit of the VI Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (celac) on September 18, 2021, in Mexico.

In addition to the aforementioned leaders, they will attend the Itamaraty Palace, Luis Arceof bolivian; gabriel boricof Chili; Gustavo Petroof Colombia; William Lassoof Ecuador; irfaan aliof guyana; Mario Abdo Benitezof Paraguayan; and chan santokhiof Surinam.

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