Braunau continues to maintain the town friendship with Lavarone

Braunau continues to maintain the town friendship with Lavarone
The women’s choir from Lavarone performed at the VAZ in Braunau.
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Around 90 Italians recently visited Braunau. They come from Lavarone in Trentino (Italy) and came as a return visit, so to speak, after they received a delegation from Braunau last October. The delegation was led by Lavarone’s mayor Isacco Corradi.

A look at history shows why the cities are connected: thousands of Trentino, Austrian citizens with Italian mother tongue, were evacuated from their home in the border area in 1915. Until 1918, numerous people from Lavarone lived in a large refugee camp in Braunau. A Lavarone memorial stone in Braunau commemorates this time. His visit was of course on the itinerary of the delegation from Italy. Monsignor Stefan Hofer recalled the historical events, followed by a wreath-laying ceremony by Mayor Isacco Corradi, former mayors Mauro Lanzini and Aldo Mazari, and vice-mayors Maria Pace and Adriana Fellin. The men’s choir provided music for the laying of the wreath.

This could also be heard at a bilingual service in the Braunau parish church. The women’s choir performed at the well-attended public friendship evening in the event center. As a symbol of solidarity, Mayor Johannes Waidbacher presented his Italian counterpart with a tree. The trip and the program were organized by Alois Rögl and Deputy Mayor Fellin.

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