New Year reception “new” will be a summer party

New Year reception “new” will be a summer party
The New Year’s reception at City Hall is history.
Image: Moser Joseph

The crowds of people in the rooms of the town hall, which were far too narrow for the big social event, thwarted the plans of the magistrate as the organizer during the Corona pandemic. Mayor Markus Vogl (SP) took the forced break to prevent the disease from spreading further as an opportunity to reconsider the traditional New Year’s reception. With the result that this is history once and for all.

The mayor’s office recently issued invitations to selected guests for a “summer party” sent out, which begins on Wednesday, June 28 at 6 p.m. on the forecourt of the Reithoffer office building. “We give our guests more freedom of movement”says Vogel. “The postponement to the summer date becomes a permanent fixture.” Vogl will not break with the tradition that after his speech on the situation in the city and its plans, a guest of honor will take the podium. From the term “acceptance speech” one has come off, now it says in the invitation “guest speech”, and Klaus von Moltke, Managing Director of the BMW Group Steyr, will hold them. In today’s modern parlance, one would describe von Moltke’s role as “Keynote speaker” describe; instead of spreading diplomatic niceties to the city administration, he is supposed to give a keynote speech that has its finger on the pulse of the times. In view of the realignments in the automotive industry, the audience can expect a lot of interesting information. “We tried to add more content to the reception”says Vogel.

It is a closed event with invited guests, which is probably also a regional celebrity meeting place, but is aimed at multipliers and people who make a difference in the city. The honorary “Pop Up Aid Club” provides the summer party with club music at a moderate volume, and there is a donation box by the DJ booth. The proceeds benefit the children’s emergency aid and the Wigwam child protection center in Steyr. The Hotel Mader, Leopold Steyr, Ab-Hof-Vermarkter Nowak, the Orangery, Confectionery Schmidt, Purkhart and the baker Rainer Fröhlich work together on the catering.

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