Ta-Ta supermarkets will be closed due to a strike to demand greater security

Ta-Ta supermarkets will be closed due to a strike to demand greater security

After the murder of the manager of the Parque Rodó branch, the union decided a 24-hour strike for today, prior to the meeting of the Wage Councils on Friday.

He Single Syndicate of Multi-Savingsof the supermarket chain ta-ta, summoned a 24 hour strike for today in demand for greater security measures in the premises, after the murder of the manager of a branch in Rodo Park in the context of a robbery.

The unsafety It continues to be a matter of great concern for Uruguayans, and acts of violence, robberies and even murders are known daily. On this occasion, the manager of a local Ta-Ta supermarket died from a shot to the head after resisting a robbery in full Montevideo.

For this reason, the union of workers in the chain, the Single Multiahorro Union, will carry out a 24-hour strike today, also demanding increased security measures in the different branches of the renowned supermarket.

The measure is also given prior to a meeting with the government within the framework of the Salary Tips, which will take place this Friday. From the union they have already advanced that, together with the increase in remuneration, they will demand that security, guards and police presence be improved through article 222.

How were the facts?

The episode occurred on Monday around 5:00 p.m., when two men around 30 years old entered to rob the Ta-Ta supermarket in Parque Rodó, on the corner of Carlos Maggiolo and Jose Figueira. The request was that they deliver all the money in the box, something that the workers are instructed to do.

Then, the criminals went to the back of the premises, where they struggled with the 56-year-old manager, who refused to hand over the key to the safe, according to Channel 12. This resistance would have led to his death.

Finally, the assailants fled with the 4,000 pesos from the box, leaving the deceased manager and a security guard wounded by a rifle butt to the head.

Present at the scene were the chief of Police of Montevideo, Mario D’Eliaas well as the prosecutor of Homicides, Adriana Edelmanand police personnel from Investigations and Scientific Police. The magistrate reported that there are recordings inside the premises and that the attackers had face masks. At the corner of the supermarket there are no security cameras.

Source: Ambito

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