OSE analyzes exonerating the payment of the service in the metropolitan area

OSE analyzes exonerating the payment of the service in the metropolitan area

The state company will analyze in its session today the proposal of the director of the Broad Front, Edgardo Ortuño, which seeks to compensate for the deficiency in the service.

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The directory of the National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) today will analyze the possibility of waive the fee to the population that lives in the metropolitan area and is affected by the increase in the salinity of the water they receive in their homes or businesses.

This is a proposal made by the director on behalf of the Broad Front (FA), Edgardo Ortuno. The proposal promotes exoneration of the fixed and variable charge —applied according to private consumption— within a period that must also be defined during the meeting that will begin today at 11.

According to Ortuño, the idea is to exempt, at least, the payment of the May, although it can be considered a p45 day loop, while this is the period that OSE estimated that the supply of drinking water with higher levels of sodium and chloride would initially last. In turn, this is the term authorized by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP)although it could be extended if necessary —something that, for the moment, seems possible due to the fact that the reserve reservoirs do not recover to the required levels.

Likewise, Ortuño’s proposal, as he explained to Underlined, is based on similar measures taken on other occasions in which there were deficiencies in the supply of drinking water, such as in maldonado in 2015 and in cannelloni in 2019.

Reserves in critical condition

Meanwhile, and despite the rains that have been falling in the metropolitan area, the Severine Pass only has 18 days of drinking water in case the current circumstances do not change.

Although last week’s rainfall allowed the basin of St. Lucia recovered 45 millimeters of water, they were only enough for the level of the reservoir to remain stable, after it lost 25% of the water that was still available in just one week.

This term is feasible as long as the current salinity levels are maintained —a consequence of the mixing of the water from the Santa Lucía River with that of the Silver river— and a consumption of 230,000 cubic meters per day. In the event that the salinity were lower and that only the water from the dam was used, the metropolitan area would only have drinking water for 8 days.

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