Motorcyclist injured in a serious fall in the Grieskirchen district

Motorcyclist injured in a serious fall in the Grieskirchen district
The injured person was brought to the Wels Clinic with the C10 rescue helicopter (symbol image).
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

The young woman was on the Schaunbergerstraße in the direction of Waldkirchen am Wesen when she made a serious driving error around 11:10 a.m. near the village of Waldbach: At the beginning of a sharp left-hand bend, she came off the road to the right and slid around 30 meters off away from the road over a steep embankment and crashed into an alder stick in the creek bed.

The impact was so severe that the biker was thrown into the adjacent meadow while her motorcycle came to a standstill in the creek bed. A few minutes after the accident, a cyclist who happened to be passing by discovered the injured person in the meadow and set the rescue chain in motion.

The woman was taken care of by an emergency doctor and paramedics from the Hartkirchen rescue service and then taken to the Wels clinic with the C 10 rescue helicopter, the police said on Wednesday evening. The motorcycle was recovered from the creek bed by a farmer and police using a tractor.

Localization: The accident occurred in the village of Waldbach in the municipality of Eschenau in Hausruckkreis (district of Grieskirchen)

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