Schedlberger won World Cup gold with pear cider

Schedlberger won World Cup gold with pear cider
Hannes Schedlberger won gold at the Cider World Awards.
Image: Michlmayr

Annual product awards at the Ab-Hof-Messe Wieselburg and the 2014/2015 “Genusskrone” for the best pear cider in Austria testify to the quality of the Aschacher’s products.

Schedlberger, who runs the Genusseck self-service shop with farm products from more than 70 regional producers together with Hannes Templ, has now achieved his greatest success to date. At the Cider World Awards in Frankfurt, the unofficial Cider World Championship, the pear cider from Binderberg, as Schedlberger’s farm is called, was awarded the gold medal.

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