Lacalle Pou and Mujica support the creation of the Virtual University of Uruguay

Lacalle Pou and Mujica support the creation of the Virtual University of Uruguay

The initiative promoted by the Colorado Party deputy, Felipe Schipani, would have generated interest in the president.

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The president of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouand the former president Jose Mujicathey would see with good eyes the project of law promoted by the deputy of the Colorado party (pc), Philip Schipanifor the creation of the Virtual University of Uruguay (UVU).

As expressed by Schipani himself through his Twitter account, the UVU initiative, which it would be public and freeseeks to democratize access to university education giving opportunities to thousands of Uruguayans to effectively exercise the right to education”.

Lacalle Pou slipped Schipani and the specialist in higher education, claudio branch (who is also promoting the proposal), that the initiative was a good idea, and that he would hold a meeting with them in the coming days to delve into the matter.

Mujica, for his part, showed his sympathy for the bill, after having received Rama at his home. There, the former president recalled the winding political road that he had to go through to obtain the approval of the Technological University of Uruguay (UTEC).

At the same time, Mujica recommended that Rama seek support in the departments of the interiorwhere The UVU could mean a tool that allows the country to continue decentralizing, as noted with the UTEC. Rama and Schipani will continue to hold meetings with representatives of all parties in the Parliament seeking to make the proposal viable.

Schipani: “Uruguay has a huge university deficit”

As Schipani explained to Radio Uruguay, our countryhas a huge college deficit“as it is next to Honduras one of the Latin American countries with fewer university students in relation to its population, with34 university graduates for every 10,000 inhabitantswhen Chili is 119, or Costa Rica above 100″.

For the Colorado representative, Uruguay’s lag in terms of university graduation is due to the “lack of opportunities” that citizens have, as well as the “impossibility of many Uruguayans to access university studies”, such as the “barrier geographical situation” that “suffer” those who live in the interior of the country.

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