They affirm that there is supply in Montevideo until June 23

They affirm that there is supply in Montevideo until June 23

After the rains, the Paso Severino reserve recovered 28 centimeters, but the supply is still at risk.

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After the rains that have fallen during the last week, the authorities of SBI They estimated this Wednesday that Montevideo and the metropolitan area have reservations until the next June 23, date on which, if there is no new rainfall, the supply could run out, in the framework of the water crisis that affects Uruguay.

According to data from SBI, the Paso Severino reserve recovered 28 centimeters after the runoff of rainwater, although in total it had lost ten meters. That means recovered between two and four days of supply, as reported by Teledoce, since it depends on how it is mixed with the salt water.

Faced with this complicated panorama, which shows that the water supply could be finished in little more than 20 days, The authorities expressed their concern about how the population could be affected if there is no heavy rain in the coming weeks and measures are already being analyzed to try to alleviate the water deficit. Within this framework, Ancap processes 180.00 liters per hour to remove excess salinity and be able to use the water.

OSE evaluates supplying Montevideo with water from Laguna del Sauce

The situation led the state company to analyze supplying from Maldonado to Montevideo, sending up 2,600 cubic meters of water per day, through the Willow Lagoon. That’s how he expressed it Jesús Bentancur, director of OSE Maldonado, who warned: “We are in a position to lend a hand.”

When talking about the situation in that department, he clarified that “it is in an important position of tranquility regarding water supply and quality.” When trying to send “absolute tranquility”, Bentancur remembered that maldonado “It has an extensive willow lagoon with more than 5,500 hectares of surface and one of the best water treatment plants in the country.”

“The fresh water reserve is about to run out,” say unions

He PIT-CNT called for a “march for water” in the center of Montevideo, moving from 18 de Julio and Ejido to the Executive Tower. By channeling the protesters’ claims, Federico Kreimerman, president of the Federation of Officials of OSE (FFOSE), indicated to Underlined that they question “the lack of real answers.”

kreimermann He maintained that “to give peace of mind to the population,” information should be provided “about the content that the OSE measures every day of salt in the water.” In this regard, he considered that the rains “are totally insufficient to reverse the situation” and sentenced: “They must be clear that the fresh water reserve is about to be completely depleted and that concrete measures will have to be taken.”

Among the proposals of PIT-CNT the exoneration of the fee appears SBI for vulnerable sectors and “a clear and concrete plan” for schools, hospitals and prisons, in addition to intervention in the bottled water market. “Just as the price of milk is set, which is set by the State, let them set the price of bottled water in the midst of a crisis,” summarized the head of FFOSE.

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