A success for the volunteers in the country

A success for the volunteers in the country
Handover of the manifesto to state politics on June 7, 2022
Image: VOLKER Weihbold

What if they didn’t exist? Upper Austria’s voluntary rescue and security organizations do indispensable work. To do this, however, the volunteers need the right framework conditions.

In the Volunteer Manifesto, rescue and security organizations and the OÖN have drawn up a catalog of suggestions on how to help. Thousands of compatriots put their signatures under the initiative of the Upper Austria News. A number of suggestions have already been implemented.

Success was immediate: “We’re working even more closely together with the campaign right from the start,” said Christoph Preimesberger, country manager of mountain rescue. In the self-organized volunteer council, which was constituted in October 2022 and which is supported by the state, the cooperation between the rescue and security organizations now also has an official framework. In addition, the country has a new Volunteer Service founded. It is headed by Michael Secklehner. He and his colleagues are also currently working on ” volunteer monitor 2023″, a study intended to reflect the opinion and mood surrounding volunteering – another demand of the manifesto.

They were also expanded volunteer days of the country, which are now also taking place at the regional level in the districts.

Structural funding still open

With a central concern of the voluntary organizations, a structural support, one is meanwhile still in talks. This involves public sector support for full-time employees in the organizations who take care of the recruitment, support and retention of voluntary employees in the regions (see interview).

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