Bordaberry re-registered his sector within the Colorado Party

Bordaberry re-registered his sector within the Colorado Party

The former leader of Colorado Party (pc), Pedro Bordaberryre-registered his sector, Let’s go uruguaywithin the traditional party. The movement of the former senator and twice candidate for president of the Republic could be interpreted as a sign of his return to political activity ahead of the 2024 national elections.

Bordaberry, who currently works in the private sector as an advisor to the football club Montevideo City Torqueowned by the millionaire holding company City Football Group Limited (CFG), has remained out of politics since February 15, 2020, when he left his bench as a senator.

A potential return of the Colorado leader would have an impact on the internal ranks in various ways, since, while some have been waiting for him to take the reins of the party for a long time, it could raise discomfort among those who sought to position themselves in a leadership position.

The leadership of the PC had to be monopolized by its general secretary, the former president of the Republic Julio Maria Sanguinettiafter the leadership position became headless when Ernesto Talvi he resigned as chancellor in July 2020, abruptly ceasing all political activity.

Bordaberry formally requested to use the slogan “Partido Colorado”

In the statement sent to the Colorado Party, which was signed by Bordaberry himself, but also by the former vice-chancellor Carolina Achethe current undersecretary of industry Walter Verry, among other Colorado members, authorization was requested to use the party motto, and the sub-mottos “Vamos Batllistas”; “Let’s go Colorados”; and “Let’s go Uruguay”.

In dialogue with Underlined, a Colorado leader assured that this movement “does not imply”, explicitly, “that Bordaberry has decided to be a candidate.” However, for these hours, It wouldprocessing the decision to stand or not in the next elections“. The announcement would be made this month..

Ache, who accompanied the registration request with his signature, had been strongly supported by Bordaberry after his resignation as vice chancellor, after assuring that “they made him a bed“, and that he paid the piper for the case of the delivery of the Uruguayan passport to the drug trafficker Sebastian Marset in the United Arab Emirates.

On that occasion, Bordaberry fired heavy ammunition against the PC, stating that “quietly they looked the other way“, and “fifteen minutes later they announced a substitute” after a quick request to include Nicholas Albertoni in the vacant position.

The former senator went further and indicated that Ache “was replaced in record time”, and “with the body still warm they pounced on the chargeit is not something that someone beat them to the hand”.

Source: Ambito

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