Carriers complained about interruptions in the port of Montevideo

Carriers complained about interruptions in the port of Montevideo

The Intergremial de Transporte Profesional de Carga communicated that they cannot continue absorbing the costs of the losses generated.

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The Professional Cargo Transport Intergremial (ITPC) expressed through a statement his discontent with the union measures to cut income to the Montevideo port carried out by the Single Port Union and Related Branches (Supra) as for the award of the Cuenca del Plata Terminal (tcp) to the Belgian company Katoen Natie.

In turn, the port union expresses itself for the loss of jobs in the container operator in public areas, Monteconas well as labor claims in the port of Fray Bentosand the port of paysandu.

According to the ITPC, the escalation of actions that Supra has taken in recent days (yesterday it cut off the North Access of the port of Montevideo) leaves transport companies exposed to a situation in which cannot continue to absorb the costs due to the losses that are being generated, having to move themto whom it may concernin the value chain.

The access blockade in the port is causing millions in losses

The access blockade supposes millionaire losses for the National Administration of Ports (ANP) due to the obstruction of the flow of products in the export and import chain, and from the ITPC they affirm that is directly impacting transport companies of all sizes, and hitting hundreds of workers across the country.

The union of carriers showed its “indignation“, given that the sectoralwaysis the one who is affected by this type of union measuresand urged the parties involved to try to reach an “urgent” agreement in order to unblock the situation.

The ITPC assures that in recent days the activity of the sector has been, either paralyzed, or “totally congested” due to the actions of Supra, forcing a disbursement of “hefty extra costs“, and to assume some travel losses.

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