Penadés submitted his resignation to the National Party

Penadés submitted his resignation to the National Party

The senator made the decision after the Constitution and Legislation Commission unanimously approved his impeachment.

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The senator Gustavo Penades submitted his resignation to National Party, shortly after the Senate Constitution and Legislation Committee approve unanimously their lawlessness, in the framework of complaints of sexual abuse that affect the legislator.

Penadés extended his distance to the National Convention, the Departmental Convention and the International Affairs Commission, as they announced from the environment of the senator. The decision arose after the procedure in commissions that will cause today its impeachment to be dealt with in the plenary of the Parliament of Uruguay, where it is believed that there is an agreement to vote in favor of the measure requested by the Prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, Alicia Ghione.

The senator presented his decision by means of a letter, sent to the President of the PN Board of Directors, Pablo Iturralde. There he conveyed his intention to “resign as an affiliate of said political group, as well as all the party responsibilities to which I was elected or appointed”.

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It is worth remembering that on Monday afternoon, Iturralde confirmed that the National Party was not going to take any action on the possible suspension of penades until the impeachment is voted. In this context, although there were conflicting positions, he clarified that “there were no strong discussions”, but that “cordiality” prevailed. At this point, he commented that this possibility was never touched upon. In this regard, he stated that “the request is made to investigate it, not necessarily for something else.” In any case, he admitted that “the important thing is that there are serious facts denounced”.

The impeachment of Penadés advanced in commissions and is resolved this Wednesday

Earlier, the Senate Constitution and Legislation Committee unanimously approved the dismissal of Penades, implicated in various cases of sexual abuse, so now the process will be dealt with this Wednesday in plenary by Parliament, where it is expected that legislators from all benches will accompany the decision.

The nine members of the Commission ruled in favor of discharging the nationalist senator, in the midst of strict secrecy to maintain the reserve required by the prosecutor ghione, when submitting the request to the president of the Senate, Beatriz Argimón.

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