The details behind the discovery of the skeletal remains in Battalion 14

The details behind the discovery of the skeletal remains in Battalion 14

The anthropologist Alicia Lusiardo provided details about the remains found this Tuesday in the Parachute Infantry Battalion No. 14, confirming that it is “a primary burial” and? 70% of the skeleton of an adult has been recovered “so far”, possibly a missing person the last military dictatorship in Uruguay.

After the tasks in the place, Lusiardo indicated in a press conference that the discovery was made at 20 and 40 centimeters deep. the body was “covered with lime and a slab of material about two meters that was above it”, he specified and highlighted that they observed a pattern “very similar” to the remains found previously in the same military property, both in the 13th Battalion and in the Pando farm. The finding came at a time when the Parliament analyzes making the files of the dictatorship publicly accessible.

When explaining why it is a “primary burial”, he explained that the skeleton “appears articulated in anatomical position” and clarified: “That makes us know that this body has been there from the moment it was deposited.” Thus, ruled out that the remains of the buried person have been removed.

The anthropologist assured that “part of the remains remained in the bucket of the backhoe and another part in the trench floor”, for which they had to do two simultaneous “manual and controlled” excavations to be able to recover up to now 70% of the skeleton,” he confirmed.

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The anthropologist Alicia Lusiardo revealed details of the excavation that led to the discovery of bone remains.

According to Lusiardo, they only detected it on the third pass of the backhoe. Regarding the rest of the corpse, he indicated that it is in the sediment, so they must remove it “with fine wooden material and manually so as not to damage them”, a slow process.

How did the team come to dig at that location?

When answering why the team worked in that place, the specialist said that they had information since 2005. “Our proposal was to return to the area and excavate everything that was not previously addressed,” he summarized, while indicating that the place has been protected since 2020 and since then they have advanced until they reached “this trench 405 in particular.”

Regarding the brand new discovery, he indicated that “is an adult individual” but he warned that it is not possible to know sex, age, or height, since “this is going to be studied in the laboratory.” In this regard, he maintained that “the priority is to remove it from the sediment and be able to transport it”, referring to the fact that they will be analyzed in Argentina.

In the first tests They did not find fragments of firearm projectiles, said Lusiardo, who reported that the body was some 90 meters from Julio Castro’s grave and just 10 meters from excavations carried out in 2006. Finally, he estimated that the Argentine laboratory will take a month from receiving the DNA sample to confirm the identity of the remains.

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