“Nerves are on edge”: Wolf as a threat to alpine pastures

“Nerves are on edge”: Wolf as a threat to alpine pastures
According to the Chamber of Agriculture, the wolf problem cannot be solved by herd protection.

The situation worsened at the beginning of this season. “The affected farmers are nervous,” said LKÖ President Josef Moosbrugger in an interview with APA. He calls for simpler rules for launching as an emergency measure.

Moosbrugger has little sympathy for calls for a strengthening of herd protection through the use of shepherd dogs or tighter fencing. Especially small-structured companies, which make up a large part of the sector, lack the economic means for this. The training of the animals and the corresponding equipment is expensive and cannot be compensated for by the proceeds from sheep products. “Anyone who believes that the issue of wolves can be solved with herd protection is living far from reality,” says the farmer. And: “Wolves are so smart that they can jump over and over fences.”

The LKÖ President advocates lowering the regulatory hurdles for shooting wolves as an emergency measure. In particular, a rapid reclassification of the wolf in the so-called Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive (FFH) of the European Union is required. Moosbrugger considers the protection regulation anchored in it to be outdated, especially since the animals are no longer threatened with extinction in Europe. He also referred to a law in Sweden that gives priority protection to reindeer. This could prevent the formation of wolf packs there.

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