Art for the TikTok generation

Art for the TikTok generation
The new STRAAT mural by US artist Shepard Fairey

Amsterdam already has more than 100 museums and is still experiencing a boom in new exhibition venues. Among them are some that go beyond traditional models and inspire young people in particular.

Art is set in motion in a 1200 square meter hall of the old gas factory. In the Fabrique des Lumières, works by famous painters are projected onto the rough brick walls, like an oversized film. Viewers immerse themselves in the art without VR glasses or a screen. Accompanied by music, ornaments, flowers and figures come together in the paintings of the Viennese painter Gustav Klimt. Or you can move through the surrealistic world of Salvador Dalí to the music of Pink Floyd. Every second visitor is younger than 40 years, and in the first year, 2022, more than half a million visitors came.

The rough north is the backdrop for NXT – the first museum for new media art in the Netherlands. Behind this lies a new world of sensual experience of art, media and technology. Digital installations are shown in the black rooms, which stimulate the senses and mind.

The old ship hall becomes a gallery

The old ship hall of the former NDSM shipyard in the north of the city is made for graffiti. Street art lovers banded together and opened STRAAT. 160 works, mostly as large as house walls, by around 150 artists can be seen. Shepard Fairey – he became known for his iconic Obama poster “Hope” – has just created an almost 15 meter high mural on the facade. A further 130 of his works can be seen in the gallery.

RTXP stands for “Art Experience”, an at least unusual experience. 50 famous works of art history hang in an old school. Rembrandt, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet. They are copies, painted as true to the original as possible, they are intended to give an overview of the development of art history. Art between commerce and kitsch.

The initiators of Moco also sensed the art business. For seven years they have been showing works by today’s superstars of the art scene such as Banksy, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst in a villa right next to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. A hotspot especially for tourists and the perfect backdrop for hip photos for Instagram or TikTok. (from/dpa)

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