The cost of construction had a monthly variation of 4.70%

The cost of construction had a monthly variation of 4.70%

He construction cost household had a monthly variation of 4.70% last July, according to the latest technical report from Housing Construction Cost Index (ICCV) produced by the Statistics National Institute (INE).

In addition to the general ICCV, the ICCV with public participation (ICCVPu) had a variation of 4.93%, while the private ICCV (ICCVPr) did so in 4.57%.

With this publication, the launch of the new ICCV base was made official, which will replace the Index of Construction Cost (ICC), which was used by the official statistics agency since 1999.

For this reason, the number of the General Index was established at 104.7; the number of the General Index without taxes at 104.81; that of the Builder Index at 103.79; and the Construction Index without taxes also at 103.79, after a variation of 3.79%.

The cost of construction labor had a monthly variation of 8.94%

In the breakdown by type, materials had a negative variation of 0.55%, impacting a drop of 0.19 over the General Index; labor experienced a variation of 8.94%, having an incidence of 2.65% on the index number.

On the other hand, general expenses had a variation of 4.06% with an incidence of 0.25%; taxes, one of 3.8%, impacting 0.42 percentage points over the index number; social laws presented a variation of 9.09%, with an incidence of 1.58%; while permits varied negatively by 0.03% without affecting the index number.

The changes in the values ​​of social laws and labor are explained by the increases granted within the framework of the Salary Tips for the construction sector.

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