Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt relies on restarting the traffic light

Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt relies on restarting the traffic light

He rarely expresses himself, works mostly in secret: Im star Head of the Chancellery Wolfgang Schmidt warns the coalition to communicate better in the future. The Chancellor’s confidante also talks about his role in the background.

Chancellor Wolfgang Schmidt (SPD) has linked the upcoming cabinet meeting in Meseberg with the desire for a restart of the traffic light government. “We’re probably done with the most complicated projects now,” Schmidt said star. In the second half of the legislative period it is important to communicate better. “From the point of view of the Chancellor’s Minister, it’s always good when negotiations are conducted internally and only communicated when an agreement is reached. I remain optimistic that things will get better.”

Schmidt, who is considered the Chancellor’s closest confidante and rarely speaks publicly, explained the recent turbulence within the federal government with the political framework. “Something is really at stake here. This federal government leads the largest economy in the EU, the fourth largest in the world, there is war in Europe and we are facing a huge transformation,” said Schmidt. “There are a few sparks flying.”

He warned against badmouthing the situation. “Everyone knows how serious the current situation is. But we shouldn’t be grumpy now either,” said the Social Democrat: “We’ll manage.” Schmidt has been head of the chancellery since the start of the traffic light coalition and is responsible for coordinating government business internally.

“Nobody knows me on the street”

Schmidt also spoke to the star about his role in the background, the Social Democrat says he is happy to be able to move largely unrecognized in public. “Nobody knows me on the street. And that’s a good thing,” said Schmidt.

He has no longing for a more public role in which he could get more involved in political debates. “I want to act as an honest broker who plays fairly and doesn’t cheat anyone,” said the 52-year-old. “If I were to constantly express myself publicly, the danger would be quite high that I would step on someone’s toes and then no longer be able to fulfill my mediating role.”

Schmidt, who, despite his proximity to power, manages without security personnel and does not appear in any ranking of politicians, is considered the Chancellor’s closest confidant. The lawyer has worked for Olaf Scholz in various functions for around two decades and is notorious for working almost non-stop. He doesn’t suffer from the workload, stressed Schmidt. “It’s not a sacrifice I’m making. I’ve been politically active for – I don’t know – more than 30 years? I used to do it on a voluntary basis. It’s now my job.”

Read the entire portrait of Wolfgang Schmidt digitally shortly – and from Thursday in print star.

Source: Stern

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