Reference values ​​rise and an increase in fuel prices is expected

Reference values ​​rise and an increase in fuel prices is expected
August 29, 2023 – 16:17

The government will define in the next few days if it validates the update suggested by the Import Parity Prices (PPI).

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The price of the fuels could increase again in the coming days taking into account the rise in the reference values ​​that arise from the Import Parity Prices (PPI) of petroleum products produced monthly by the ursea, in line with the increase in values ​​internationally.

After the upward revision of the PPI, he Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) and the Executive power They will have to decide in the coming days if they decide on a new update, after last month’s increase, the first of the year.

In his survey, the ursea projected that the price of super naphtha in September it is 78.05 pesos, which represents an increase of 8.56% with respect to the current value (71.39 pesos). With respect to diesel 50S, the expected price also marks an increase of 6.96%, which would raise the value to 56.68 pesos, from the current 52.99 pesos.

It is worth noting that during the month the average price of a barrel of brent oil rose 7.46%, going from 80.11 dollars in July to 86.09 dollars, after a week in which weak economic data and strong market dollar limited oil profits.


The government must define in a “backless” context of Ancap

On other occasions, the government absorbed the increase marked by the PPI or adjusted as little as possible. However, this time he will have an extra question to analyze, due to the maintenance stoppage of the The Tile, which brings with it financial complications for Ancap.

In the midst of an important trade union conflict with fancap, the president of Ancap, Alejandro Stipanicic, He specified that “every day that the refinery is stopped costs the country 800,000 dollars”, at a time when the workers refuse to work overtime, which would delay the task.

Taking these variables into account, stipanicic pointed out that “unfortunately the back of ancap it’s over” and predicted: “Any delay in fuels from now on with respect to international prices will go against the assets of Ancap”.

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