Tevez’s hard defense after the controversy that eclipsed the victory of Independiente

Tevez’s hard defense after the controversy that eclipsed the victory of Independiente
August 29, 2023 – 16:11

The Independiente coach came out to speak after the controversial penalty his team received to beat Vélez. What did he say?

The technical director of Independent, Carlos Tevezavoided the controversy over the disputed penalty before Velez Sarsfield but stressed that they should “Get used” what will they try to take away “merit” to his triumphs.

“Everything is magnified by my name and by Independiente. We have to get used to the fact that they are going to want to take away our merits from all sides”manifested You look in an interview with CNN Radio.

In his debut as coach of “Red”, the team of avellaneda won 2-1 over Velez with a penalty at the end of the game that was much discussed by the visiting team, for the second date of the Zone A of the Professional Soccer League Cup.

“When one is harmed, they are going to complain but I am not going to discuss that because I am on the side of the one who was charged and I have to understand the fever of the rival”voiced the “Apache”.

“For me it was a penalty but I’m on the side that won. That’s why I say that you have to respect your opponent and we must be focused on continuing to improve”broad.

On the other hand, You look He referred to the decision not to receive a salary until December.

“The situation of the club needs a leader to think about these things and how can I do it, from my humble opinion is that the club is not having a good financial moment. Then we will sit down in December and see what is best for Independiente”held.

The “Red” prepares to face another “final” for permanence next Saturday at 3:00 p.m. Gymnastics and Fencing La Plataas a visitor.

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