Craftsmen show their skills at Piberstein Castle

Craftsmen show their skills at Piberstein Castle
70 craftsmen exhibit.
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At the big market weekend at Piberstein Castle on September 2nd and 3rd, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the focus should be on handicrafts. Crafts are shown, people work, works are sold. It is part of the market’s self-image that young craftsmen are also there. However, special attention is paid to handicrafts that are in danger of being forgotten: how a “Bakörbl” or “Bakarl” (fermenting basket) is woven or how a spinning wheel is spun.

Craftsmanship in old walls

75 exhibitors will show their goods in the wonderful premises of the well-renovated Piberstein Castle in the municipality of Helfenberg. There are also culinary specialties from the Mühlviertel and lots of folk music. You can make good use of the time in the medieval castle, the majority of the market is under cover and therefore independent of the weather.

The entrance fee of three euros is used for the further renovation and preservation of Piberstein Castle.

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