Social: Paus mentions the amount of basic child security for the needy

Social: Paus mentions the amount of basic child security for the needy

According to the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, children at risk of poverty should receive between 530 and 636 euros in 2025. This is the sum of the future guarantee amount and the additional amount.

Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus has given an estimate of how high the planned basic child security could be in the case of children at risk of poverty. In 2025, this could result in services ranging from 530 euros for the youngest to 636 euros for the oldest children, the Greens politician told the editorial network Germany. This takes into account the announced increase in the standard rate of around twelve percent for 2024 and an assumed further “moderate” increase of three percent in the following year.

“That’s a good amount to give children a little more participation and equal opportunities,” said Paus. The amounts are therefore the sum of the future child guarantee amount and the additional child amount.

Agreement was preceded by a long dispute

The traffic light coalition wants to bundle previous benefits such as child benefit, benefits from the citizen benefit for children or the child supplement in the basic child security. From 2025 there will be a so-called guaranteed amount for all children. This replaces today’s child benefit (250 euros per month). On top of that, there is an additional amount depending on need, graded according to age and depending on the income situation of the parents. The less they earn, the higher it should be. The previous citizens’ allowance for children should be included in it.

In the case of basic income, children under the age of six are currently paying 318 euros a month and 420 euros for those aged 14 to 17. Social Affairs Minister Hubertus Heil announced on Tuesday that the rates in 2024 should rise to 357 euros for children under the age of six and 471 euros for 14 to 17 year olds.

The traffic light had already agreed on the introduction of basic child security in its coalition agreement. However, a permanent dispute had developed between the Greens and the FDP about how much money the state should now spend on basic child security and whether benefits should be increased or not. An agreement was only reached on Monday night.

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