Cabildo Abierto will launch a new sector to gain territoriality

Cabildo Abierto will launch a new sector to gain territoriality
August 31, 2023 – 13:02

Six deputies from the lobbying sector from different departments will develop a new national sector with a view to the next elections.

Photo: RRSS Cabildo Abierto

Town meeting will launch, hand in hand with six party deputies, a new national sector to gain territoriality in Uruguay, facing the complex presidential election next year, according to the latest surveys.

The most rebellious section of the Multicolor Coalition He returned to speak with the confirmation, as El País was able to record, of the launch of a new national sector carried out by six lobbying deputies from different departments of Uruguay. According to the legislator, Rodrigo Albernaz, We have been working on this project for a long time and it is expected that the launch will be in the short term.

Among the group of legislators who will carry out the project are Albernaz from the department of Salto, Rafael Menendez by Tacuarembó, Wilman Caballero on behalf of Cerro Lago, Carlos Testa of cannelloni, Nazmi Camargo of the Rivera department and martin sodano from Montevideo. The legislators must present themselves to later be able to carry out the official process that will allow them to launch the new national sector, after having been enabled in May last year.

With the aim of reinforcing territoriality, the new sector also intends to express its loyalty and support for the party leader, Guido Manini Rios. “They are going to try to have a greater impact on the internal Town meeting. Action will be taken based on the guidelines of Manini Ríos, with whom we have met several times, ”said he and the Salto legislator.

In addition to the creation of this new sector, Town meeting He has other strategies to reinforce his position in the face of next year’s presidential elections. The match has a challenging future which does not accompany the recently published surveys.

Open Town Hall and a compromising future

The firm Equipos Consultores reported that based on the figures computed in its last survey in June that he broad front (FA) leads by 5% in voting intention to the Multicolor Colation ahead of the elections generals of 2024.

The relay threw that a 43% of those surveyed would be inclined to vote for the FA, while 38% would do so for one of the parties of the government coalition. In the breakdown, 28% indicated that they would vote for the National Party (PN); 7% to Colorado party (pc); 2% to Town meeting (AC); and 1% to independent party (PI).

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