Javier Milei, visiting the Uruguayan Silicon Valley

Javier Milei, visiting the Uruguayan Silicon Valley

Argentine presidential candidate Javier Miley, visited the real estate project +Cologne, the smartcity that bills itself as the next “Silicon Valley” of Uruguay, and had lunch with investors in the initiative that is already underway for about $500 million over the first five years of development.

Without big announcements and without making statements to the media, the leader of Freedom Advancesthe party that surprised in the elections Simultaneous and Compulsory Open Primary (PASO) of Argentina, by staying in first place with 29.8% of the votes —according to the final scrutiny—, visited the department of Cologne, to see first-hand the megaproject that seeks to develop the largest pole of the knowledge industry in Latin America in Uruguay and that attracts a large number of investors from the neighboring country.

on a trip in Cologne Express, Milei came to the country to meet Eduardo Bastitta, “a friend”, according to El País; and the entrepreneur founder of the project +Cologne. “I thought it was fun to learn about the project,” the Argentine candidate told this medium, whose visit was first awarded to a “romantic getaway” with his girlfriend, the humorist and impersonator Fatima Florez.

miley He also held a meeting with the mayor of Cologne, Carlos Moreira. in a restaurant in the old town. “We approached to greet him, taking into account that he is a man who has a chance to govern Argentina And what if we are interested in the best of relationships with the Argentinian republic”, Moreira said in statements to Telemundo, who described the candidate as “very nice” and “very accessible.”

“Come visit Cologne It seems like a very positive thing for us,” he added.


Javier Milei learned about the +Colonia project, the Uruguayan smart city that aims to be the largest pole of the knowledge industry in Latin America.

What is +Cologne about?

+Cologne It is a project to generate a pole of the knowledge industry on a 500 hectare property in Uruguayan ambitious initiative that will require an investment of 500 million dollars in the first five years of development.

“We are convinced that +Colonia will have the ideal urban, technological, natural, and cultural environment to become a driver of well-being, sustainability, and development for the region, positively impacting its productive matrix,” he said. Geraldine Asmusdirector of +Colonia, in dialogue with scope.comand commented that, “in all this time we worked with the corresponding authorities to ensure long-term planning.”

“We are developing a pole for the knowledge industry that attracts young people based on its characteristics. Retaining and empowering teams is one of the great challenges facing companies. technology companies that flourish in Latin America: +Colonia provides the ideal space and a vibrant culture for young people to choose to stay, be part of an organizational culture and have a sustainable quality of life in every way,” he explained. Francisco Tezanos Pintodirector of +Cologne.

The executive told this medium that the main potential of the project “has to do with the potential of being able to attract not only investment for Uruguay and the area, but also in being able to attract companies and young talent, which is highly relevant in a strategic sector such as the knowledge economy industry”. “The interest aroused by the project is from all continents. We have sold more than 80% of this first stage. Where approximately 60% are Argentines30% uruguayans and the rest from other countries in the southern region,” he added.

The potential that Uruguay has to capitalize on this opportunity is historic. It is important to speed up and come up with all the most relevant measures that help to get all that talent and those companies to arrive,” concluded Tezanos.

Interested in the +Colonia proposal, some 30 technology startups, called +Founders Techthey signed an action commitment to co-create the city together with their intention to settle in the next Río de La Plata innovation hub.

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