Bones found by alpinists more than 50 years after accident

Bones found by alpinists more than 50 years after accident
The glacier high above Saas-Fee (here on an archive photo from 2005) is retreating more and more.
Image: (OON)

The Brit had been formally identified, said the police in the canton of Valais on Thursday. Two mountaineers discovered the bones on August 3 on the Chessjen Glacier near Saas Fee. Forensic pathologists examined her in the Valais hospital.

Based on the analysis, the police were able to limit the number of possible missing person reports, as they further announced. With the help of the British police, a relative was found. A DNA analysis confirmed that it was the man who had been reported missing in July 1971. At that time the search for him had been unsuccessful.

According to the canton police, they keep a list of the names of all climbers who have been reported missing since 1925. “The retreat of the glaciers is bringing to light an increasing number of missing alpinists who were reported missing several decades ago,” she said.

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